Northern Brass was formed in 2006, as a band to cater for up-and-coming younger brass players who could not commit to the demands of playing in an A Grade band.  In a short amount of time, they have developed a formidable contesting record, winning the D Grade Australian National Title in 2007 and the C Grade Australian National Title in 2009, 2014 & 2015.  Due to their sustained success, the band was invited to compete in the B Grade section at both the National and State level from late 2015.

As a new competitor at the B Grade level, Northern is proving to be a true contender in Victorian banding. In 2017, the band placed for the first time in B Grade at the Victorian State Championships and backed up this performance by winning B Grade at the La Trobe Valley Eisteddfod and finishing 2nd in A Grade. Northern Brass perform as part of the Moomba Street Parade and at concerts locally.

Musical Director

Marc Nethercot’s musical career began when he started to play the recorder at the age of six – it got him out of the cold and rain at lunchtime while at school in Leicester, UK.

About a year later a trombone was pressed in to his hand and Marc was soon sucked in to a brass band; a lifetime obsession.

Marc made his way through the ranks of the local Ratby Co-operative Band, eventually playing trombone in their very successful, championship section senior band. At one point he was playing regularly in three different bands, rehearsing five times a week and performing just about every weekend.

With school finished, Marc moved to Huddersfield to continue music study, earning both a Bachelors (honours) and Masters degree. Yorkshire is the beating heart of the world’s brass bands and Marc was privileged to perform with and alongside some of the very best brass musicians on Earth. Such a nurturing musical environment led to new places also – Marc was a respectable sackbut player at one point, is listed in academic journals as a contributor towards early music articles and wrote (and had performed) several pieces that should best be described as ‘contemporary’.

A move to New Zealand pushed performance on to the back-foot, but Marc taught 200+ children on brass instruments in Auckland and conducted bands and orchestras from school to community to semi-pro level.

A change of scenery to Brisbane led to some very happy years playing trombone again in the famous Brisbane Excelsior Band and following yet another (hopefully final) move here to Melbourne Marc is excited to now be in front of a young, ambitious band.

Marc aspires to the qualities of his favourite conductors – the drive and attention to detail of Michael Fowles (Fodens), the pride and passion of Howard Taylor (Brisbane Excelsior) and the unmatched musicality of Nigel Weeks (formerly Dalewool Brass).